Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 1: Capture the Flag

I didn't proof read this but I hope you like it... This continues from the preview

I’m walking down the ramp and look up at the sky. Damn that’s beautiful I can’t believe how many people take this sort of stuff for granted. I step onto the dock and I have a look around. A wave of relief washes over me as I spot the three wooden cabins that contrast against the green scenery. At least I’m not gonna have to go camping in these woods. Surprisingly this is pretty nice for an island with no civilization. I see a man walk out of one of the cabins and make his way towards us. Damn! It’s Kevin Heart! He motions for us to move over by the unlit campfire and I start to make my way there. After a couple minutes everyone is sitting on some rocks or logs that form a circle.

“Hey kids. I’m Kevin Heart and I’ll be your host for the first season of Who Wants to Win a Million Bucks. As you all know this a reality show competition and in the end only one of you will be left standing and take home that Million dollar check.”

I look around and see people snickering but my eye catches this light skin boy. Kinda cute and he’s smiling at me. I give him a smile back and turn my attention back to Kevin.

“Now every other day there will be an elimination challenge. On those days one of you will be going home. On the other days there will be reward challenges. You’ll still want to try your hardest for these challenges because the winner will win special rewards as well as immunity. This means that you cannot be sent home the following day. Now if you’ll all follow me this way.”

Kevin got up and we all followed them to the end of the clearing we all stand in front of the forest. All I see are these big ass trees. I’m sure Kevin’s gonna tell us to stay away from there. I mean it might be dangerous! Sure looks scary as hell. I’m actually glad we won’t be going in there. I mean the safer the better right?

“For your first challenge you will be doing our twist on capture the flag. But it’s no ordinary game. You will be venturing into these woods and searching for a flag.”

Fuck my life…

“These are the types of flags you will be looking for.” He held up three small flags that were white, red, and blue. “You find a flag and bring it back to me, your safe for this challenge. Come out without one and your going home. Seems like a simple challenge right?” We all nodded. “Well there are only fourteen flags and seventeen of you. Which means five of you will be going back on that boat today.”

I see some shocked faces, some pissed faces, and some dudes actin like what they heard hasn’t fazed them at all. Me, I’m scared as hell. I just got here. I can’t leave yet… Especially since everyone is counting on me back home.

“The first twelve back here will be the official players of this season. Ready… GO!”

Well since everyone else is standing around I guess I might as well get my ass in those woods even though I’m scared as hell… but I won’t let anyone else know that. Once other people catch on that I’m running my lead is lost and the other people start passing me by. They’re just too damn fast. But I’ll be dammed if I quit I need this. At least if I go out I know I tried my hardest. So I stop running and start taking my time to have a look around. These woods are beautiful, out of this world. Wow, I can’t believe how much I missed in New York. There’s a whole nother world out here that I didn’t even think possible. Looking over the shallow stream I see a red flag on the other side. Yes! As I try to figure out how to get around the stream I see Chris on the other side sprinting. What the hell is he running so fast for? Dammit! As soon as Chris reaches the flag my heart drops a little.

I feel so stupid I should have gone for that flag as soon as I saw it but I just had to be slow. I mean I’m a decent runner but all this competition is just passing me bye. I look ahead and I see Chris snatch the red flag up. He’s happy jumping up and down in victory. He starts walking and makes his way back to the clearing. I look around everyone at everyone else’s faces. I see some stank looks from some people but others look happy for him. Now how the can they be happy when that just means there’s one less flag for the rest of us to find.

I turn around and start walking, looking. I see another flag. It’s blue and it’s not far. It’s on top of a bush. I start running towards it only to hear more footsteps coming the same way. I running as fast as I can then the red headed bitch pushes me and I go tumbling down.

“What the fuck!”

She picks up the blue flag then turns towards me giving me a death stare. “I saw you flirting with Drake. Back off bitch… he’s mine.”

After she runs off I look down to see my hand bleeding. I can’t believe this. I’m just about ready to quite when I see another blue flag up high in a tree not too far from here. I’m tempted to pass it up but I have no idea when I’ll even see another one again. I have no idea if there even are more flags so I’ll take my chances even though I’m terrified of heights. I start at the base of the tree and take a deep breath. Slowly I jump up on the tree and begin to slowly pull myself higher and higher. Luckily this isn’t a big ass tree but it’s not that small either. I keep inching my way up and I feel like it’s been forever but I’m not going to fall especially with this cameraman recording my every move.

I take another deep breath and finally reach the branch with the flag on it. I keep pulling at the flag but it won’t budge. I finally pull it away and all of my insides feel like their going to explode. I’m so happy this is it. I’m in! I’m on the show and I have a clear chance of winning the million dollars… wow. I try to get down with the flag in my hand but it’s no use. I throw the flag down so that I can use both of my hands to get down. I’m halfway down the tree what I notice someone running towards me. Shit my flag. I’m trying to move faster down my tree but it isn’t working I really don’t want to off the tree on national television.

“No please! It’s mine! Don’t take it from me.” Too late he’s already picked up the flag and he’s on his way back to camp. “Asshole!” He turns back and smiles and me. “Really? You think this is funny when you just stole the flag that I risked my life for!”

“The name’s Eminem princess, Marshall to you though.” And with that he was gone. I’m livid. I mean I’m really pissed off! I’m so pissed I could… Shit! The next thing I know my ass is on the ground. That hurt like hell and I fell right on my ass but the cameraman snaps me out of it when I notice he’s laughing. This island is just fll of asses. Being here is going to be harder than I thought. I try to hold myself together but I feel the tears start to sting my eyes. I crawl over behind another tree so that the cameraman won’t see me crying. He starts to make his way towards me but somebody screams of in the distance and he rushes off that way.

 My hand is bleeding, I have no flag, and all I can do is put my head into my knees and cry. How can all these people be so mean. I know it’s a competition but damn!

“You okay?”

I look up to see the pretty light skin boy that was smiling at me earlier.


He crotches down to my level and extends his hand to wipe my tears.

“It’ll be okay you know.”

He rips a piece of his shirt off and takes my hand to wrap it up.

“Thank you.” I can’t help but feel stupid. “I don’t usually cry like this you know.”

“Everybody has to cry sometime… you ready to go?”

“Yeah I’m ready to home! I have no flag and I’m hurting. Do you know how many times I’ve fallen today?”

A flood of tears start coming again and I can’t do anything about it. I feel myself begin to stop as I feel his warm arms wrap around me. I can’t help but sink into him. I don’t even know him and I feel so comfortable around him. As he pulls away I want desperately to pull him back but I don’t.

“You can’t be so quick to give up.”

“But there’s no hope. Even you have a flag.” I sniffle, eyeing his white flag.

“So do you.”


“Your sitting on it.”

I look down to see a red flag. I smile and hug him again.

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome. Now let’s get out of here before people try to jump us.”

“Wait what’s your name?”

“Drake… well actually… you can call me Aubrey. Just you though.”

God his smile is beautiful.

“Aubrey… that’s a nice name. I’m Nicki.”

“Well Nicki…” He stood up and extended his hand to me. “Let’s go.”

On the way back all I could focus on were the butterflies on my tummy. Maybe everybody isn’t horrible. As soon as Kevin sees us he blows this loud ass horn. I guess that means we were got the last flags. Not too long after I see the last five retrear from the woods.

“Paris, Taylor, Katy, Justin, and Keyshia! You all have been eliminated. Please collect your belongings and head to the boat. The rest of you follow me this way.”

We walk over to the cabins and Kevin asks us to hold out our flags.

“Nicki, Shenelle, Wayne, Chris, Jay Z, and Lindsay. You are the red team.”

I size up my team and I glad I’m not on a team with that red head or ‘Eminem’. Really? What kind of name is Eminem?

“Eminem, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kendrick, Megan, and Tyga. You are the blue team.”

So Rihanna is her name huh? I’m not gonna lie. She is gorgeous. But she’s actin mad tristy brushing up against Drake.

“Drake and Safaree. Since you two have the white flags you two have immunity for the first challenge, which means that you cannot be sent home. Safaree since you came out before Drake you get to choose what team you’ll be on.”

Safaree looks around then catches my eye. He smiles then starts looking me over. I’m starting to get uncomfortable.

“I want the red team.” Safaree looks back at me again and smiles.

“Ok Drake, that means you will be on the blue team.”

He looks disappointed but goes over to his team. I’m not gonna lie I kinda wish we were on the same team… What am I saying it’s too early to be wrapped up in boys! I came here to win and that’s what I plan to do.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hey guys! This is a new story that I thought of... I'm hoping that you'll like the preview and give me some feedback on it. Enjoy!

Nicki’s POV

So I still can’t believe I’m doing this… One minute I’m chillin at home with my girls and the next I’m on my way to some remote island to compete on some new crazy ass game show. And honestly, I’m not excited. I mean there’s no civilization which means no Internet, no cell phones, no… nothing. Not exactly an ideal way for a 17 year old to spend her summer. But shit we need the money. Did I mention the winner gets to go home with a million dollars? Yeah, one million dollars! I mean who could pass that up.

As much as I don’t want to be on some stupid reality show I have to do my part and try and support my family the best that I can. If I win this, my mom won’t have to bust her ass every day working two jobs just to put food on the table. And it’s not like my dad does anything to help out. I mean he works but most of his paycheck goes to the drugs he buys. Mom thinks we don’t know he’s using but me and my brother Lani aren’t stupid. A blind person could see it. Honestly, I don’t even know how I feel about him anymore. Call me what you want but how can I love my father when he puts my mom through misery. Sometimes I wish he’d just leave and stop being a waste of space.

In a way I’m glad to get the break from all the drama and shit back home but I’ve gotta say, leaving everything in New York behind is gonna be tough. All my family and friends… but maybe I’ll make some knew ones. But friends or not I came to win. I have to. This money would change our lives forever. But I feel guilty for leaving my baby brother behind. He’ll be alright though. I made Lani swear to keep Caiah safe until I get back. I’m really counting on him to step up and be the man of the family since it’s obvious that my dad isn’t going to.

I’m looking around this boat and sizing all the girls up. I mean the girls they picked don’t look to athletic but then again we have no idea how this show even works. God help me though that this show isn’t physical because if it is then I can kiss my ass goodbye. I am smart though so if anything, I hope I get to use my brain. Then I might actually have a chance seeing that a lot of these girls don’t look too smart. Nah, just sittin there to look pretty. Come to think of it, some look the typical snobby rich girls. Bitches please, if you don’t need this money and I mean really need this money, then take you asses back home to daddy.

I look straight ahead and for the first time I see this beautiful island in front of us. Wow. That’s gorgeous! For a girl like me who’s never once been outside New York to see this is a blessing from God. As we get closer and closer to the dock I start to get butterflies in my stomach. Damn I hope I can at least meet one cool person while I’m here. I haven’t even seen much of the guys yet because they’re on the top level but judging by the noise and chatter they’re making I’d say they’ve already begun to bond. All of us girls however have kept to ourselves this entire trip.

I see some of the boat staff jump off onto the dock and begin to tie the boat against it. Once they finish they let the ramp down and tell us is it’s time to get off. I pick up my pink duffel and backpack and head for the ramp. Here we go.

So what did you think? Would you like me to continue it? I'm really liking it so far and I have a lot of ideas for it too. So please, please, please let me know! Thanks for reading. 

Much love 

New Story!

Hey guys! This is my second story which will include a lot of your favorite people and maybe some of your not so favorite people. Read to find out what happens and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I will writing it!